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Open vSwitch is a production quality, multilayer virtual switch licensed under open source license. It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmatic extension, while still supporting standard management interfaces and protocols (e.g. NetFlow, sFlow, SPAN, RSPAN, CLI, LACP, 802.1ag). In addition, it is designed to support distribution across multiple physical servers similar to VMware’s vNetwork distributed vswitch or Cisco’s Nexus 1000V. Currently, Open vSwitch supports the following features:

  • Visibility into inter-VM communication via NetFlow, sFlow(R), IPFIX, SPAN, RSPAN, and GRE-tunneled mirrors
  • LACP (IEEE 802.1AX-2008)
  • Standard 802.1Q VLAN model with trunking
  • BFD and 802.1ag link monitoring
  • STP (IEEE 802.1D-1998)
  • Fine-grained QoS control
  • Support for HFSC qdisc
  • Per VM interface traffic policing
  • NIC bonding with source-MAC load balancing, active backup, and L4 hashing
  • OpenFlow protocol support (including many extensions for virtualization)
  • IPv6 support
  • Multiple tunneling protocols (GRE, VXLAN, IPsec, GRE and VXLAN over IPsec)
  • Remote configuration protocol with C and Python bindings
  • Kernel and user-space forwarding engine options
  • Multi-table forwarding pipeline with flow-caching engine
  • Forwarding layer abstraction to ease porting to new software and hardware platforms

In the following tutorial, you can see an introduction to OpenVSwitch by Simon Hourman.

Ryu is a component-based software defined networking framework. Ryu provides software components with well defined API that make it easy for developers to create new network management and control applications. Ryu supports various protocols for managing network devices, such as OpenFlow, Netconf, OF-config, etc.

In the followin video, you can find a nice tutorial of Ryu presented by Kei Ohmura.

Floodlight Open SDN Controller is an enterprise-class, Apache-licensed, Java-based OpenFlow Controller. It is supported by a community of developers. OpenFlow is a open standard managed by Open Networking Foundation.  It specifies a protocol through switch a remote controller can modify the behavior of networking devices through a well-defined “forwarding instruction set”.  Floodlight is designed to work with the growing number of switches, routers, virtual switches, and access points that support the OpenFlow standard.

Feature Highlights

  • Offers a module loading system that make it simple to extend and enhance.
  • Easy to set up with minimal dependencies
  • Supports a broad range of virtual- and physical- OpenFlow switches
  • Can handle mixed OpenFlow and non-OpenFlow networks – it can manage multiple “islands” of OpenFlow hardware switches
  • Designed to be high-performance – is the core of a commercial product from Big Switch Networks.
  • Support for OpenStack (link) cloud orchestration platform

Here you can find a video explaining FloodLight Rob Sherwood.