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OpenBaton is a ETSI NFV compliant Network Function Virtualization Orchestrator (NFVO). OpenBaton was part of the OpenSDNCore project started almost three years ago by Fraunhofer FOKUS with the objective of providing a compliant implementation of the ETSI NFV specification.
OpenBaton is easily extensible. It integrates with OpenStack, and provides a plugin mechanism for supporting additional VIM types. It supports Network Service management either using a generic VNFM or interoperating with VNF-specific VNFM. It uses different mechanisms (REST or PUB/SUB) for interoperating with the VNFMs. Its initial focus was to provide the main functionalities for provisioning and managing Network Services, however in its future releases new additional features will provide mechanisms for increasing the automation in NS management. Those new features will include autoscaling, fault management, TOSCA, etc.

The following video provides an overview of OpenBaton.